Legal Office offers legal advice in a permanent, comprehensive service and on the basis of individual orders.

Legal counselling provided by the Office consists of:

  • representing Clients at courts, state and local government authorities, law enforcement agencies and other institutions
  • defence in criminal cases,
  • providing legal advice related to the business activities of the Clients,
  • contracts analysis and legal opinions of legal documents,
  • preparation of pleadings,
  • representing Clients during negotiations with business partners, bank institutions and other entities,
  • substantive analysis of provisions,
  • consultation and legal advice in various fields of law, depending on the needs of Clients – Civil Law, Commercial Law, Family Law, Law of Succession, Administrative Law, Pharmaceutical law.
  • firm registration and legal services for companies.

Our Office cooperate with tax advisors, auditors, interpreters and notaries. English-speaking Clients are very welcome.